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    first, second and third cyclesAccess to public higher education institutions is subject to enrollment restrictions (numerus clausus), and students must compete for admission. Read More
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Livingin Portugal

The majority of Portuguese Universities offer accommodation in Student Residences. These are usually spread out around the city/town. University Campuses which include housing facilities are rare in Portugal.

Sharing a flat with other students is very common in Portugal. Prices vary significantly depending on the city (Lisbon is e.g. more expensive than other Portuguese cities) and the area (living in the outskirts is, obviously, less expensive than living in town centre).

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Although the cost of living has risen considerably in the last decade, Portugal remains less expensive than most other Western & Northern European countries.

In particular, rents, food & primary goods, and entertainment are reasonably cheap.

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The National Health Service (SNS) in Portugal has a network of bodies and services which provide complete healthcare to the whole population, through which the State guarantees peoples' right to health.

The SNS is made up of all the public entities that provide healthcare - hospitals, local health units, health centres and family health units, or groups of health centres.

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Portuguese cuisine is rich and varied, and having meals with family or friends is part of the national customs.

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Located at the extreme southwest of Europe, the Republic of Portugal is constituted by the continental territory and two Autonomous Regions, the archipelagos of Madeira and Azores (Açores). The Portuguese Republic borders Spain North and East and has an extensive maritime coastline South and West that bathes the Atlantic Ocean.

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Entry Requirements

  • Schengen Area +

    Citizens from the 26 european countries, which have abolished all border controls between each other, need only an identity card in order to enter Portugal. Read More
  • Some Countries +

    Visitors from some countries can enter Portugal with passport only for short stays. Read More
  • Third Countries +

    Citizens from other countries not mentioned above need a visa to enter Portugal. Read More
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