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The majority of Portuguese Higher Education Institutions offer accommodation in Student Residences. These are usually spread out around the city/town. Higher Education Institution campuses which include housing facilities are rare in Portugal.

Although the easiest and often cheapest option for students is to stay in Students’ Residence, you may want to rent your own room/flat. If so, check:

  • local newspapers (e.g. Ocasião)
  • Internet (e.g. EasyQuarto, BQuarto, Erasmus Lisboa, Uniplaces, OLX, etc.)
  • Pin-walls inside Higher Education  Institutions buildings’


Sharing a flat with other students is very common in Portugal. Prices vary significantly depending on the city (Lisbon is e.g. more expensive than other Portuguese cities) and the area (living in the outskirts is, obviously, less expensive than living in town centre).  Prices range roughly from 150€ up to 350€ depending on location, facilities, and the landlord’s common sense!



  • Try to see the room in person before renting it. Pictures on the internet are often misleading.
  • If possible, contact other students of your institution to get advice on how to find a room to rent in the city where you plan to study next. If you are lucky, he/she will even offer you his/her room for the following semester.
  • Bear in mind that in Portugal it is still very common for old people to rent a room in their own house/apartment. If you want to avoid this kind of accommodation, look for flats ‘sem senhorio’ (without landlord).